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Lifecycle…Thrice Lucky!

Hi Friends…I wished to relentlessly keep pace with my blog but being a salesman by the end of a financial year is truly a race against time, trying to find the final flourish while pacing up to the finish line. Anyways that’s through now and we weren’t disappointed either with a reasonably happy ending. It also sounds like I will most likely continue with my present boss and not go hunting for a new one. In my experience companies are operationally similar with a primary profit motive, it’s your boss who can make your tenure interesting or lackluster. Now that’s a topic for a separate blog. Let’s close the shoptalk for now and get back to cycles & rides.

I have been thinking aloud about the many things going through my mind that should be the topic of the month but Iam constantly being called out by my cycles who have seen and done it all. So this piece is for the 3 beauties who keep me company. I initially thought the title should be “3 joys of my life” but then pondered over it and felt that it was sounding similar to a famous novels title by an equally famous Indian author who spoke of it as “mistakes” but In my case I was lucky each time so the title ” Thrice lucky”.

Taking things forward from my last piece, I decided to buy a cycle and didn’t want to go for a new one. So I searched around friends and social networks and found this 7 geared cycle (“Friends I have taken a conscious call about not naming people or brands in my blogs and also not endorse anything or anyone”). I somehow found it easy to buy things especially cycles through the social networks although there’s an inherent risk involved about Quality & service but that hasn’t worried me much and I should say I have been lucky. If you are the customer care types then it’s best to head to a store near you for a test ride and overall buying experience.

The 7 geared cycle has seen the maximum number of rides and got me hooked to cycling in a big way. It was an MTB (Mountain Bike in short) which has thick tyres and one can use it on most type of roads and rough terrain. I got used to long rides on it without much of a difficulty enroute. It was also something that could be serviced around the corner and with a little bit of dirtying hands one can fix many things on it. I continue to use it and it’s become sort of a constant companion on my short or around the house rides these days.

Around the time I was enjoying the experience of riding my MTB a craving to cover more distance with lesser effort came into the scene. Something lighter,much smoother to ride and at the same time easier to handle & maintain, with which one can go touring. In the quest for such a cycle with help from friends and cycling enthusiasts I got to know about “Hybrid Cycles”. In lay man’s language it’s got thin lighter tyres than the one on an MTB, has many gears (21 & upwards) and has an Aluminum or Carbon frame which helps in the weight reduction of the bike making it lighter and gives one a strain less ride.

This is how I got twice lucky. One morning while browsing through alerts and messages I stumbled upon an advertisement which was very specific in nature. The advertiser prominently said two things Hybrid cycle, Size XL for sale. I checked about the brand credentials and spoke to the seller, finalized the date/ time for meeting him and checking the cycle. The first ride on the Hybrid cycle was smooth and I instantly liked the ride quality. I did a bit of hard bargaining and moments later the bike was sitting in the boot of my car. While driving back home I was thinking do I really need a second cycle, will I use it that often,I then said to myself anyways I have it now maybe it will commit me to more rides and distances. It surely did and the wild call that I took eventually paid off with the many trips I did on it in and around the city and like my MTB the Hybrid was easier on the pocket with trouble free maintenance options nearby.

With two cycles at home alternating rides between them, an old friend informed me about a Triathlete who wanted to sell his “Road Bike” and upgrade to a new one. Again not knowing much about this type of bike I started reading, asking friends and even going to nearby stores to understand it. What attracted me more to a road bike was it’s handlebar which is mostly the “drop down type”. By reading and later riding it I got to experience that it has three grip positions which on long rides gives your arms and in turn your body an ideal geometric aerodynamic position thereby reducing hand fatigue. The other attraction was the thin tyres with widths ranging from 23mm to 28mm. Like the other two cycles I spoke about, road bikes are also geared but are much lighter in overall weight with multiple frame & wheel rim options. One important thing, this is not an all terrain bike and mostly prefers smooth surfaces, however It’s built to take a bump at times without much difficulty but too much of exposure to bad roads will result in a flat tyre. This category of cycles are mostly custom made and have model specific spares therefore needless to say it requires a reasonable expertise to service it. So far so good with the three luck’s around sharing the rides between them iam quite thrilled about the way it’s turned out for me.

You must be thinking does one need three cycles to get a hobby going. Not at all. Getting thrice lucky does not mean you have to buy everything that comes your way. It’s just the interest which gets you involved and the curiosity to experience the ride quality of these bikes that draws you in. One should ideally select a particular type of cycle which best suits them and continue riding. In my case, frankly speaking I find each one appropriate for a particular ride or terrain and continue to use them. It’s taking me places and the goings good. By the way the buying hasn’t stopped. There’s a foldable story to it which I will tell you later.

Riding a cycle is more important than buying one, that’s why they say “when in doubt pedal it out” who knows you might also get lucky. It’s summer so keep yourself hydrated, start rides early and Be safe. Ta…Ta.


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