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Lifecycle…”Six and the City-Silkroute”

We cooled our heels after the southern soujorn and feasted over the festive season. The following weekend we chalked out a ride to the other half of South Bangalore. Starting from Kengeri then pedal towards the Big Banyan tree and continue further towards sholay-land Ramanagara, which I impulsively called the ‘silkroute” ride. Ramanagara apart from being famous on film is also famous for silkworm breeding.

After a few Climbs and Curves we are welcomed with open arms by the aerial roots of this gigantic Banyan tree at Ketohalli. Spread across a large area (apx 3acres) The Big Banyan tree will first puzzle you with its numerous aerial roots which look like many trees but is actually part of the main truck. The tree houses many birds, monkeys and also has a temple. We take a few pictures and rest for sometime under the

big banyans shade before pedalling towards Ramanagara.

On our way we decide to take a quick peek at wonderla amusement park and get back on track towards Sholay land. As the title suggests Ramanagara is famous for its silk cultivation and the farming community mainly depend on it for their livelihood. After cycling for a couple of hours we reached the town centre and continued to our final stop Janapadaloka(folkart centre). The art centre contains artefacts made from different materials and is displayed in open spaces for visitors to have a closer look and feel. We spend sometime there and settle down for lunch at the adjoin- ing earthy open air restaurant called Kamat Lokaruchi, famous for South Indian short eats & meals. We had a hearty North Karnataka meal to replenish the lost calories and washed the food down with a glass of spiced buttermilk.

The heavy meal forced us to increase our break time for a power nap. We headed back to the city after a green day of cycling. My friend taking a leaf out of his cricketing interest called it the “Centuryride” as we had covered about 120 plus kilometres. Long rides has its share of aches,cramps & bruises. Take adequate precautions by constantly hydrating yourself and also carry “Oral Rehydration Salts”(ORS) such as Electral for replishing the salts lost by body. These salts are also available in the form of chewable tablets which can be taken on the GO and is these days popular among cyclists and runners. So when you set off on a long ride please make space and carry them to avoid unpleasant rides and fatigue. Also remember to take enough rest after a long ride. Sleep well and allow your body to recuperate itself completely.

The next route on the cityride circuit will be more exciting and my friend has started coaxing me to reveal future plans about which I am tight lipped unwilling to reveal the suspense. Let’s keep it that way and take adequate care as the weather is nippy with the onset of winter. Keep warm and continue cycling. Until we catchup on the next ride. “Adios Amigos”.