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Lifecycle… Cycle2Work

It’s something we all office goers should attempt doing. I made my humble beginning some time ago and in terms of preparation is a lot different from the regular leisure or tour rides.


We will come to the preparations later but my first memories of C2W (cycle2work for short) as a Bangalore boy was the sight of numerous factory workers cycling to work and returning back home, it was also a preferred way to commute from one place to another or go to the markets for regular purchases.

In those days with lesser traffic on the roads and pollution unheard off pedalling on a gearless Raleigh, Hercules or Hero

Many years later I came across C2W from a newspaper report about the CEO of Phillips software Mr.Bob Hoekstra Cycling to work. While on his stint at Bangalore, He would cycle to work on all working days and go on long rides during the weekends. He was one of the early riders who made the Nandi Hills(a picturesque hill on the outskirts of Bangalore) ride popular among cyclists and famously called it “Tour de Nandi”.Many cyclists have ever since practiced C2W with remarkable results rather than just moving from one place to another. It has kept them hooked to the bike through the week culminating with a long weekend ride.cycle was pure bliss.

My experience with C2W has been between fair and good, needing more days on the pedal per week. However I try to maintain the C2W schedule of 2 days in a week as far as possible and would love to increase it twice as much but being a sales professional has its own challenges.

A few important points for enjoying and maintaining your C2W:

1) Start Small: It’s ideal to understand the to and fro distance and begin by doing one way. This can be done by cycling up to office and returning by office cab,sharing a cab/friends car or by public transport. Once you are comfortable riding the distance one way then attempt to complete the whole distance.

2)Follow traffic rules: Find short routes with less traffic. As a cyclist it’s impulsive not to go by traffic but it’s always important to follow traffic rules and use hand signals well before taking turns and crossing road intersections. Use adequate head and tail lamps in case you’re riding in the dark to avoid blind spots.

3)Helmet & Clothing: Always use a helmet and wear bright coloured clothing that can be easily seen by motorists. Consider wearing cycling shorts if your commute is longer than 20 or 30 minutes, you will probably be more comfortable in cycling shorts.

4) Cycling shorts eliminate that intersection of seams that meet right where you are putting your torso on the bike seat. Pressure and friction can make this area really uncomfortable when cycling longer distances. Cycling shorts can significantly improve your comfort. Always carry a pair of clothes to change after a shower in the office.

5)Park your cycle away from the regular flow of traffic for easily coming out of the office premises to avoid rush hour traffic and at all times lock your cycle to a post or fixed point using a chain/wire lock however secure or friendly the support staff might be at your office premises.

Be regular on your C2W and stay healthy & fit forever.