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Lifecycle….”Riding with the king”

Don’t be one bit shocked by the title, it’s just a figure of speech about my penchant for listening to music while cycling, running or driving. Over a period of time I have reduced ear piece music while cycling due to safety reasons but is still something I like doing on my rides.

The legendary Blues musician B.B.King has been one of my favorites from a long time. A tribute music album to the legend by another legend and my favorite guitarist, musician Eric Clapton is titled “Riding with the king”. Oops I did a small departure from my previous blogs, naming people but in this context it’s i guess coincidental. My cycle rides therefore have had the metaphorical presence of the king which I suppose is the music which accompanies me.

I have noticed on many occasions and at many places music becoming a part of workouts, exercise or aerobic routines I am not authoritative or knowledgeable to speak about the science behind it, but it seems to blend well and provides a rhythmic pattern to the routines making it more enjoyable and stress free.

I have felt the magic that music can do to you in terms of relaxing & rejuvenation, while or after Cycling or running. I sometimes delve and dissolve in it. It’s also a great way to warm up or cool down before and after any fitness routine.

There’s a raging debate about what type of music one should listen to while on a fitness routine. I am sure we all have our favorite numbers or genres of music and it is one’s own choice/preference and here again music influences you with it’s magic and becomes king. So succumb to the king’s call and go with your favorite charts as long as it doesn’t hinder or affect your routine or in case you’re cycling isn’t hazardous.

So first things first. Remember, if you want to listen to your favorite music on the go you need to take the following precautions.

  1. Use only one headphone.

  2. Keep the volume low.

  3. Play the music from a device near your head.

  4. Mount speakers to your handlebars.

  5. Attach a boombox to your rack.

The above safety measures should be a rudimentary practice if you love cycling and music. It is after all ingraned with the good old saying “Long live the king” and so should the music be when you’re ” Riding with the king”.

Love Cycling. Love all…


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