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Lifecycle…”Lonely Road”

It’s been almost 2 years (2015) since I started cycling seriously. What started as a way to loose weight and get to the fit side has caught on and become religion. As they say belief can move mountains, I simply wish if I could scale them on my cycle. If dreams can be horses and my wheels can gain momentum, it’s becoming a reality with each passing day.

When I sit or with this WordPress I lie down to write, what strikes me the most is my first ride with my group which on the previous night over a large drink of rum named it Cyclesunday. I perhaps thought it was more catchy than practical then but as time went by it sounds and has become real, making me pinch now and then about the way it’s turned out for me. Oops I have taken off on a tangent, now back to the ride. I was talking about my first ride which I wish to call “Lonely road” may sound like a country song or an album title but the music in me can’t think better.

The first ride “Lonely road” was a rustic ride towards Bannerghata forest through winding roads and valleys with the fresh morning mist kissing your face as you pedal through the scenic terrain. Not far from home, it made me feel good about how close to nature I was, but like a true Bangalorean also made me wonder if I was really living in the city. The ride takes you through a few villages rushing through the early hours with their share for the city dwellers, the milkman busy with his cow’s, the small farmers with his seasonal vegetables and fruits and people from all walks going about their chores. They all had a welcome smile. I made my way and pedalled through the villages and reached a stretch which was desolate and made me feel like a lonely planet, my friends had wizzed past me and since that was my first ride on a Btwn gearless cycle borrowed from a friend I had the dual task to keep moving on a gradient without any gear help and also catch my breath. It’s the kind of thing which deters many first time cyclists to give up and eventually the poor cycles end up in balconies and gardens even drying clothes on their backs. That’s when I decided,even if my budget is small I will always go for a geared cycle., Maybe not the famous brands or the ones with fancy grafitti but simple functional ones that you can have a comfortable ride on and feel happy about the whole experience. Thinking over my choices I overcame the lonely stretch and caught up with my buddies at the back entrance to Bannerghata forest. After a few selfies to quench our thirst for social media we headed back home happy about the days cycle ride and this new group that has taken us on a whole new journey.

By Now you must be wondering why “Lonely Road”. I found a few answers from there, that stretch which gripped me about being lonely on a climb gave me all the right answers about cycling and my needs from it, it also took me back in time when my dad bought me my most pricest of possessions a green color Hercules brand bicycle, my first bike that rode me into adulthood. I thought perhaps, this is my second coming where I find my answers to fitness and forget lazy mornings forever.

I dedicate this blog to my family and friends who continue to inspire me.

Special praise to each Group member of Cyclesunday for waking me up early every Sunday for the cycle ride.