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Aspiring Cyclist

With the dawn of the fitness era everyone has got onto a sport to be-fit , Running had been the most liked and choice of sport to engage but I have felt that urge to get onto the cycle and do a 100 kms ride which is every Aspiring Cyclist goal to accomplish…

Cyclist Beginner

Well the last time I rode a cycle was when I was in my 9th Std way back in the nineties and those were the days of carrying your 10 kilo backpack on your back and travelling to school which was 7 kms away with the traffic which was chaotic then and same as now….while getting onto cycling now seemed little more difficult as I had those 10 kilos around my belly which I needed to shed and get onto my fitness regime…. I eventually thought a lot got my own new cycle a single speed MTB Ranger ...Why I say my own new one is because being a sibling I always got what my brother rode and most of the time had to rent a cycle as he would be riding it whenever I wanted to ride and I had to go 3 to 4 kms away from home to hire a cycle.

This time I said to myself if I ever get a cycle it will be a brand new one and I was thinking of a low budget cycle and this was good enough to start with and later would choose to upgrade to a geared cycle once I get along the habit of cycling.

Initially I started to cycle around Lalbagh Botanical Garden around 5 kms a day and did this every-day morning for about 2 weeks but later became alternate days and then went into once a week and then once a month to once a year and finally it was lying around my parking lot getting covered with dust and rust…as they say Rust in Peace…and eventually had planned to sell it on Olx.

I felt a fatigue at the initial stage itself and finally gave into the idea giving up on cycling like most of them have!!

What was the reason for my fatigue?? or was it boredom ?? What made me think to give up on fitness regime so easily ?? What made me give up something which I really enjoyed during my youth?? I searched to finally get the answer I wasn’t alone and had googled and most of them said that the fatigue is caused because of not having a Fitness Regime

getting tired too early and is not having the right food habits etc.

But are these the only reason??

Well they maybe but a lot goes behind to get on to be cyclist not the one when you thought to just take up cycling for Fitness is buying a fancy looking Cycle....

To be continued….